Terms & Conditions

Lock N Load Storage

Terms & Conditions

Our charges do not include insurance but you must declare an estimated value of your effects to us. 

  • You are advised to insure your own effects.  
  • Lock N Load Storage is not responsible for any loss or damage due to fire, theft, water, wind, natural disaster or any cause whatsoever to you or your property, nor is Lock N Load Storage required to carry any insurance to cover the same.
  • GST is applicable to all rents and extra charges payable at the current rate relevant to the time the payment is made.  

Minimum storage period one month.

  • You will not use the unit for any other purpose than storage.

You confirm the effects for storage are yours and / or you have the authority to enter in to this agreement.

  • Where the client is two or more persons your obligation under this agreement will be joint and several.
  • You agree our agents may gain access to the stored unit in case of emergency or to enforce this rental agreement.

Goods NOT to be stored or moved:  

  • Prohibited or stolen goods, drugs, pornographic materials, potentially dangerous, damaging, explosive, corrosive, gas or gas canisters, paints, firearms and ammunition.  
  • Precious stones or jewellery, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins or coin collections.  
  • Plants or goods likely to encourage infestation, vermin or pests.  
  • Perishables or items requiring a controlled environment.  
  • Goods requiring a special licence.  

If any of these are submitted we will demand their removal immediately and you will pay us for expenses, legal costs and / or any penalties incurred by Lock N Load Storage.

A deposit of £35 is required.  This is refundable by cheque only, within 14 days following the termination of a storage rental period and after all effects have been removed once the account has been paid in full.  

  • The deposit cannot be used to pay for a storage period.
  • Your deposit will be refunded in full less any charges for repairs or cleaning if required.

Storage is charged per month or part thereof.  You agree that payment will be made by standing order per calendar month, payable monthly in advance.  You agree that you will not with hold any part of the agreed charges or fees arising from this agreement.

  • We calculate storage rentals by calendar month for payment in advance.  This means that over 52 weeks you pay by 12 equal monthly standing orders.
  • If you move out before the end of the calendar month period, we refund any over payment (full remaining weeks only).  

To take advantage of discounts available for 26 weeks storage (5%) or 52 weeks storage (10%) the payment for the entire period must be paid in full before the storage period commences.

  • If you take advantage of the discounts for long term storage and remove effects before the storage period ends, the account will be adjusted to the standard weekly rate for the storage supplied for any shortfall in rental.

Late payments, missed payments, dishonoured cheques or payments will incur a £25 charge added to the account.  

  • For each letter, statement or notice Lock N Load Storage send you, in relation to late or missed payments we will charge £10.00 administration fee.
  • Any notices will be deemed effective immediately if served in person or 48 hours after posting.
  • We will hold effects and deny access to the Pod until all charges and fees have been paid.  This includes any fees or charges we incur while holding your effects, until full payment is made.

Right of Lien: We will dispose or sell the effects left in the unit 14 days after non payment of charges.  

  • Any funds produced will be credited to the account, after all charges and cost for disposal and / or sale have been met.
  • Any shortfall will be taken from the deposit refund cheque or pursued through the court.
  • We may terminate the agreement immediately without prejudice if any payments are not maintained.

If necessary, we will charge a minimum of £25 to clean the unit, remove rubbish and make fit to supply to another client.

Access to your unit can be arranged by appointment only between 8:30am and 5pm Monday to Friday or on Saturdays between 9:30am and 12:30pm.  We are closed on Sundays, Bank Holidays and during our Christmas shutdown.  

  • Your storage payments must be up to date and you are allowed one visit per month, after which there is a £5 charge per visit.  Unused monthly visits cannot be transferred.
  • On arrival you may be required to produce a form of photographic ID before access to your unit is allowed.
  • Deliveries to and collections from your unit can be made by reversing in to the logistics area of the premises.  You must ensure that keys are always left in your vehicle and that the entrance is never blocked.  Parking for longer visits to your unit is not available on the premises as the logistics area is in constant demand and use.
  • Last access is 15 minutes before closing time.

A mandatory padlock for securing your unit will be supplied at a rate of £10 at the commencement of your rental and you will be issued with your key.

  • Failing responsibility of the key resulting in the removal of the padlock will incur a surcharge of £15 and loss of your normal entitlement to a 50% refund of your initial padlock cost at the time of termination.

We reserve the right to amend our charges periodically with 30 days notice by email to your register email address.  The client is responsible for ensuring that we have their up to date/correct email address.


At Lock N Load Storage we are always happy to hear from potential personal and business customers. If you would like to discuss your storage requirements with a member of our team please feel free to contact us. You can call us or email us or if you prefer you can fill in our quick and easy contact form.