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Managed Archiving Service

Lock N Load have a comprehensive Managed Archive Service (MAS) especially for organisations that run their own document archive.  Your organisation may not want to use a commercial warehousing company but managing an archive can be a permanent administrative struggle; outsourcing the operation against a Service Level Agreement in order to reduce costs may be the answer.  We have the experience, tools and facilities to offer this service.  Whilst individual requirements will be tailored in each case, the basic service provision will be based on a combination of the following elements:

  • Management of your boxes
  • Retrieval on demand
  • Pricing structures that suit or clients

Pricing Structure*

Storage prices:

  • Bronze Package 0.65 p per box (up to 499 boxes)
  • Silver Package 0.55p per box (500 – 1499 boxes)
  • Gold Package 0.45p per box (1500+ boxes)


Archive Box Deposits:

  • LNL Archive Case Collection £9.00 (per 4 box)
  • Customer Archive Case Drop Off £2.50 (per 4 box)


Archive Box Retrievals:

  • LNL Case Retrieval Delivery £9.00 (per 4 box)
  • Customer Case Pick Up £2.50 (per 4 box)


*Prices plus GST where applicable.

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