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Storage Units

Our self storage units are a simple and cost effective way of storing your effects securely and conveniently. It’s your own private extra bit of space that only you have access to.  Features of our units include:

  • Clean, dry and well lit
  • No long term leases or additional costs
  • Various sized units to suit your requirements
  • Lift access to all floors
  • On site trolleys for easy handling of your items
  • 100% prime St Helier location

Room Sizes & Pricing Structure*

  • Half Rooms (6ft x 6ft x 7ft) £20 per Week
  • Single Rooms (6ft x 12ft x 7ft) £30 Per Week
  • Double Rooms (12ft x 12ft x 7ft) £55 Per Week
  • Shed Storage Units (2.5ft x 5ft x 6ft) £15 Per Week
  • Warehouse 1 (36ft x 18ft) Price On Request
  • Warehouse 2 (70ft x 18ft) Price On Request
  • Room Deposit  £25.00
  • Padlock Deposit  £10.00

Pre Paid Discounts

  • 6 Months – 5% discount
  • 12 months – 10% discount

*Prices Plus GST where applicable

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